Quality Engineered Structures Storage Roof  Modular Offices 1

Storage Roof Modular Office Systems
Increase Production Spaces, Utilize Wasted Overhead Spaces, Create Secure Storage Areas
Quality Engineered Structures Storage Roof  Modular Offices 2 Modular office systems with storage roof options utilize otherwise wasted overhead spaces for productive secure storage space. Increase production floor spaces by moving inventory and other materials into non utilized air spaces. Capable of supporting commercial storage loads with flooring systems that allow for the use of pallet jacks or wheeled equipment. Storage roof loads up from 50 PSF to 125 PSF allow for cost effective industrial storage loading. Combinations of mezzanine offices, storage roof offices, and multistory office systems allow for endless design options to meet your requirements. Options for OSHA approved stairways, ADA compliant lift systems, and material lift systems allow the storage roof second floor to be utilized as required by your operation. Sound deadening ceiling systems insulate second floor noise from first floor office operations.

Storage Roof Modular Office Applications:
  • Single Story
  • Multi Story
  • Two Wall
  • Four Wall
  • Storage Roof
  • Sound Deadening
  • Mezzanine
  • Fire Rated
  • Secure Storage Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Commercial Partitions

Storage Roof Modular Office Design Build Services:

  • Design Build Consulting
  • Architectural Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Process Piping Engineering
  • Fire Suppression Design
  • Control Systems Design
  • Monitoring Systems Design
  • Hazardous Waste Design
  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Quality Control Administration
  • OSHA Safety Enforcement
  • Systems Certification, Validation (IQ)
  • Staff Operational Training

Storage Roof Modular Office Construction Systems:

  • 50# PSF
  • 125# PSF
  • OSHA Approved Stair and Railing Systems
  • Decking Options include Resin Board, Open Grating, Bar Grating, Diamond Plate, Concrete Decking
  • Class "A" Fire Rated
  • Class "C" Fire Rated
  • One Hour Fire Rated
  • Prefinished Vinyl's
  • Prefinished Steel
  • Prefinished Aluminum
  • Prefinished Fiberglass (FRP)
  • Entry Egress Door Systems
  • Window Systems
  • Ceiling Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Sound deadening System

Storage Roof Modular Office Construction Advantages:

  • Utilize Wasted Overhead Space
  • Maximize Storage Spaces
  • Increase Production Floor Space
  • Abbreviated Construction Scheduling
  • Lower Construction Cost
  • Less Construction Dust and Debris
  • Less Construction Disruption
  • Higher Investment Retainage
  • Greater Sustainability
  • Faster Depreciation
  • Higher Sound Deadening
  • Higher Insulation Values
  • Lower Cooling Cost
  • Lower Maintenance Cost

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