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Gallery 1
Image Gallery Cleanrooms
Cleanroom Projects ISO 16466-1, USP-797, FDA, BSI.

Gallery 2
Image Gallery Environmental Rooms
Powdercoating Rooms, Dry Rooms, Pharmaceutical Storage.

Gallery 3
Image Gallery Cold Storage Facilities
Cold Storage Facilities, Walk-in Coolers and Freezers.

Gallery 3
Image Gallery Modular Offices
Single Story, Multi Story, Storage Roof, Sound Deadening.

Gallery 3
Image Gallery Interior Office Build Outs
Commercial, Healthcare, Retail, Industrial, Hospital.

Gallery 3
Image Gallery Steel Building Systems
Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Guard Building.

Construction Information
LEED Rating System
Quality Control

Modular Construction Information
Environmental Rooms
Cold Storage Rooms
Modular Offices
Commercial Interior Offices
Steel Buildings

Modular Cleanroom Construction Information
Cleanroom Basis of Design
Cleanroom Structural Systems
Cleanroom Mechanical Systems
Cleanroom Filtration Systems
Cleanroom Electrical System
Cleanroom Electrostatic Systems
Cleanroom Process Piping Systems
Cleanroom Fire Suppression Systems
Cleanroom Control Systems
Cleanroom Monitoring Systems
Cleanroom Flooring Systems
Cleanroom Staff Training

Modular Environmental Room Construction Information
Environmental Rooms
Environmental Room Enclosures
Environmental Room Cooling Systems
Environmental Room Services
Powdercoating Rooms
Dry Rooms
Metrology Labs
Pharmaceutical Cold Storage
Warm Rooms
Stability Chambers

Modular Office Buildings Construction Information

Modular Office Systems
Single Story Modular Offices
Multi Story Modular Offices
Two Wall Modular Offices
Four Wall Modular Offices
Storage Roof Modular Offices
Sound Deadening Modular Offices
Mezzanine Modular Offices
Fire Rated Modular Offices
Secure Storage Rooms
Control Rooms
Restroom Locker Rooms
Commercial Partitions and Wall Systems

Commercial Interior Build Outs Construction Information

Commercial Interiors
Commercial Office
Medical Office
Retail Space
Environmental Room
Cold Storage

Steel Building Systems

Cold Storage
Aircraft Hanger
Guard Building