Quality Control Methods
Threshold Inspections, Systems Validation, Systems Certification,

image Quality control(QC) and quality assurance(QA) are the defining lines protecting the building owner from concealed construction flaws and improper installation of building systems or components. The cost associated with keeping a competent QA inspector on site, and the possible loss due to improper installation of a system, can not be measured. Relying on periodic site visits in a unspecified manner will not alleviate problems in the construction process. A QC checklist, incorporated into the project schedule with written inspection reports detailing the installation of the systems, remediation of problems, and final testing should be part of all construction projects.

Florida Modular Office & Partition Systems practices high quality construction management not only to protect our clients interest but also to minimize call backs and punch lists that must be worked through at the end of the project. Through threshold inspections by our engineers, daily inspections of on site contractors, and testing, certification, and validation of all systems, our goal is to deliver a defect free building upon final completion.

Quality Control Milestones:

  • Inspection and Review of Material Purchase Order Specifications
  • Inspection and Staging of all Received Materials
  • Inspections and Documentation of all Systems Installation Procedures
  • Engineering Threshold Inspection Administration
  • Systems Testing and Balancing Reports
  • Systems Certification Reports
  • Systems Validation Reports

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