General Construction Links
Here are a few websites that we recommend.

   Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED) The    internationally recognized certification of green building   criteria's.

  FM Global
  When you need the right materials to address exposures and protect your facilities, only FM Approved products will do. The Approval Guide, an innovative product of FM Approvals, contains “real-time” information about tens of thousands of products and services tested and FM Approved, as well as essential engineering data and technical information on the application and use of listed products.

Modular Building Institute
MBI is the international, nonprofit trade association for the commercial modular construction industry.

Modular Cleanroom Construction Links

  The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology
  The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) is an international, technical society of engineers, scientists, and educators. Publishes cleanroom standards ISO-14644-1 through ISO - 14644-10.

  U.S. Food and Drug Administration
 Food, Drugs, Medical Devices, Vaccines, Blood, Biologics, Animal and Veterinary, Cosmetics, Radiation Emitting Products, Tobacco Products.

  The United States Pharmacopeia
 The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is an official public standards-setting authority for all prescription and over-the counter medicines and other health care products manufactured or sold in the United States.

  The British Standards Institution
 BSI is a leading global provider of standards, management systems, business improvement and regulatory approval information.

Modular Environmental Room Construction Links

  The U.S. Department of Energy     
  EISA 2007 was enacted on December 19, 2007. EISA 2007, which amends the Energy Policy Conservation Act of 1975, Pub. L. 94-163 (42 U.S.C. 6291 et seq.), establishes energy conservation standards for certain consumer products and commercial and industrial equipment.

  The Public Health and Safety Company    
  Reach-in, under counter and walk-in storage refrigerators and freezers, rapid pull down refrigerators, refrigerated buffet units, and refrigerated food preparation units used in the food service industry.

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