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Environmental Room Cooling Systems
Precise Control of Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Air Flow

Quality Engineered Structures Environmental Room Cooling Systems Image2 Environmental room cooling or refrigeration systems provide the environmental conditions required by the process to be performed within the enclosure. Several types of systems and designs from skid mounted package units, spilt systems, and desiccant systems can be installed depending on environmental room specifications. Precise control of temperature, relative humidity, and air flow can be accomplished to temperature ranges of -73°C to 85°C and humidity ranges of 20% to 95%. Dry rooms can be controlled to 2% relative humidity with unitary desiccant dryer packages. Air flow control in environmental rooms can be vertical, horizontal, laminar, or unidirectional to create the gradient control required by the process or storage system. Depending on budgetary constants and intended process specifications can be written to meet or exceed any requirement.

Environmental Room Cooling Systems:
  • Single Stage Direct Expansion
  • Cascade Direct Expansion
  • Package Cooling Systems
  • Split Cooling Systems
  • Rotary Desiccant Dehumidification Systems
  • Filtration,  Pre-filters and HEPA Filters in the Circulating Air
  • Backup Refrigeration Systems with Automatic Switch-over

Environmental Room Control Systems:
  • Programmable logic controls (PLC's)
  • Touch Screen Human Interface Devices (HMI’s)
  • Proportional–Integral–Derivative Controllers (PID's)

Environmental Room Monitoring Systems:
  • Personnel, Airflow, Humidity, Pressure, Temperature, Outside Air, and Process alarms
  • Remote PC Control, Chart Recorders, Temperature and/or Humidity Loggers, Software Integration
  • Wireless LCMU monitoring panel w/ 3.5 hour battery backup.
  • Combined DPS Transducer Panel w/ wireless instrumentation sensor.
  • Wireless ambient room temperature sensors (-10C to +40C).
  • Wireless ambient humidity sensors (0% to 100%).
  • Wireless ambient particulate sensors (.01 - .03µm).
  • System Monitoring Hardware
  • On Site Sensor Calibration
  • DQ, IQ, OQ Protocol Documents
  • Website Data Base Setup

Environmental Room Backup Systems:
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply Systems (UPS)
  • NG / LP / Diesel Generator Systems with Automatic Switching
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