Quality Engineered Structures Commercial Partitions 1

Commercial Partition Systems
Process Separation, Dust Control, Environmental Control, Fire Control, Sound Deadening 
Quality Engineered Structures Commercial Partitions 2 Commercial partitions and wall systems can provide tenant separation, process separation, and dust or noise control for high bay manufacturing areas. Available in code compliant fire rated assemblies for up to 2 hour protection relocatable wall and partition systems result in higher investment retainage than can be accomplished through the constant demolition and construction of conventional wall systems. Curtain wall assemblies lighter than concrete block seldom require the costly floor cutting and installation of concrete footings and far out perform dry wall assemblies for sound deadening and insulation capabilities. Relocatable wall systems can adept to changes in production or environmental conditions as required

Commercial Partition Applications:

  • Tenant Separation
  • Process Separation
  • Dust Control
  • Sound Deadening
  • Environmental Control
  • Hi Bay Assemblies

Commercial Partition Design Build Services:

  • Design Build Consulting
  • Architectural Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Process Piping Engineering
  • Fire Suppression Design
  • Control Systems Design
  • Monitoring Systems Design
  • Hazardous Waste Design
  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Quality Control Administration
  • OSHA Safety Enforcement
  • Systems Certification, Validation (IQ)
  • Staff Operational Training

Commercial Partition Construction Systems:

  • Class "A" Fire Rated
  • One Hour Fire Rated
  • Two Hour Fire Rated
  • Prefinished Steel
  • Prefinished Aluminum
  • Entry Egress Door Systems
  • Window Systems
  • Sound Deadening Systems

Commercial Partition Construction Advantages:

  • Abbreviated Construction Scheduling
  • Lower Construction Cost
  • Less Construction Dust and Debris
  • Less Construction Disruption
  • Higher Investment Retainage
  • Greater Sustainability
  • Faster Depreciation
  • Higher Sound Deadening
  • Higher Insulation Values
  • Lower Cooling Cost
  • Lower Maintenance Cost

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