Advantages of Modular Construction Methods
Abbreviated Construction Schedules, Greater Sustainability, Higher Investment Retainage

image Prefabricated modular construction methods offer many advantages over conventional construction methods. The quality control, cost effectiveness, and hi speed processing methods applied in controlled manufacturing facilities cannot be equaled with conventional construction methods. Appropriately executed modular construction techniques can decrease construction scheduling, cost, and maintenance requirements. If utilized as a complete system, with modular walls, modular electrical, modular telecommunications and modular sprinkler systems, the labor savings alone can be quite substantial due to a decrease in contractors and workmen required on the job site.

Reduced renovation cost resulting from the inherent flexibility and durability of modular construction components are not realized in the initial construction of the building. With growth, changes in personnel, and changes in processes, renovation of existing spaces can be dramatically reduced if initially constructed with modular components.

Where a lease requires a tenant to restore the leased premises to its original condition on termination modular construction methods allow for minimal cost for returning the lease space to its original condition. Often time modular components can be relocated or sold with the buyer responsible for the cost of dismantling and relocation.

Advantages :

  • Abbreviated Construction Scheduling - Prefabricated components reduce time and labor required to complete building systems.
  • Lower Construction Budgets - Prefabricated, prefinished, and pre-engineered components reduce design cost, engineering cost, construction time, and labor cost.
  • Greater Sustainability - Prefabricated components result in a cleaner construction with less material waste and inherently reduce environmental impact.
  • Lower Maintenance Requirements - More durable, evenly applied, and thicker finishes resist impact, abrasion, and chemicals better than typical field applied finishes.
  • Greater Investment Retainage - Longer lifespan reusable components increase value added construction in current and future expansion or modifications.
  • Quicker Depreciation - Many modular construction products qualify for 7 year depreciation versus 32 years for conventional construction methods.
  • Lower Lease Termination Cost - Allows for the return of leased spaces to original condition with minimal cost.

    Value Engineered Designs
    Construction Budget Reduction, Abbreviated Construction Schedules, Greater Value Added

    Florida Modular Office & Partition Systems design and engineering professionals work with our clients to specify and engineer systems to meet budgetary constraints from the beginning of the design process. This allows for maximizing the cost savings potential of prefabricated components to their fullest extent. Dimensional layouts, construction sequences, and final finish materials of the modular systems components can be designed and engineered to control construction cost. If included from the beginning of the design process instead of after thought of the design process modern prefabricated components can be effectively specified and engineered to bring maximum savings to the construction budget.

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